All PDF Converter Review

All PDF Converter LogoScenario 1: You have received a PDF and you have to fill in the form fields and return it. If you don't have the full version of Acrobat, or cannot afford it, then you have to print it out, write in your answers and scan it to send it back.

Scenario 2: You get a multi-page PDF to put on a website and you then get told there is an error in it and you have to correct it, and the person who sent it to you no longer has the original Word doc. This has happened to me!

So you have a couple of...

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PDFZilla Review

Having given PDFZilla a trial today in an effort to allow me to copy and paste from a PDF file for which I've long lost the original Word Document I must say I was impressed.

Although I was using the Trial Version of PDFZilla and thus was limited to 8 files and only half of each file was converted I must admit that I was surprised just how fast the conversion occurred. I tried various files of PDF converting to a MS Word® document file, a Text file and even JPG and PNG image files. The...

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