How to get help with phpList

brandingYou've got your own installation of phpList (Open Source so it's free to download, install and run) but you've got a problem.

How do you solve it or get help?

First thing, have you read the documentation that came inside the downloaded file (ZIP or GZ)? There's also further documentation at

If you have installed it manually, you need to set the database values in lists/config/config.php as a minimum.

If you are still struggling, then register on the Forums and ask for help in the correct sub-forum, Version 2, Version 3 and so on.

If you are still unsuccessful, then you can ask for paid support. Finally, you can ask phpList Support department direct for assistance, but do check out just how much they charge to take a look (it used to say how much they charge to simply take a look before giving you a quote for the work).