phpList long admin pages

branding Visit this site and follow the instructions to copy, save and upload the two sets of code, or get the Zipped package on offer, and upload the two files as detailed here:

scrtop/scrolltop.js to phplist root, js/scrolltop.js
scrtop/scrolltop.css to phplist root, styles/scrolltop.css

Browse to phplist root> admin/ui/dressprow and open in a text editor and just before the closing HEAD tag, add:-

[code]<link href="/../styles/scrolltop.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />[/code]

Save the file, now open in a text editor and at the very bottom of the file, just AFTER the final three tags, add:

[code]<div id="sttop"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/../js/scrolltop.js"></script>[/code]

Save it and refresh your phplist admin pages. Scroll down the page, and as you pass what was the bottom of the page, a nice little up-arrow appears on the right hand side and this stays there as you move further down the page, allowing you to return to the top of the page at any point.

My thanks to the guys at Courses Web.Net for supplying and allowing the use of this code.

NB: Don't forget you'll have to re-edit the header and footer inc files after any version update.