phpList - Which config file should I use?

phpList logoI help out on the forums for phpList, a free to download and use newsletter creating and sending Open Source software, and every now and then the question is asked about which configuration file that someone should be using.

The configuration file, stored in the directory .. /lists/config/ is config.php and this holds what is basically the Quick-Start setup options and values. As a rule this will get your installation working. There is also a config_extended.php file, much bigger in size and has hundreds of settings. If you want to use the settings within this file, you need to copy the settings you want into the smaller config.php file. OR, rename config_extended.php to config.php and make your settings changes in this, now, much bigger file.

The key to remember is that phpList uses only the config.php file and that the config_extended file is there to list pretty much all possible options and settings available to phpList, but these are for the more advanced user and newsletter options.